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Mesa Arizona Sewer Lines and Excavation Services

Are you experiencing issues with your sewer line? Then call Plumbing Knights today for expert Mesa, AZ sewer line repair and replacement services you can count on.

Sewer Lines and Excavation services in Mesa AZ

Your sewage lines are responsible for removing waste from your home, and if one of these systems fails, your entire plumbing system would collapse as well. If you’re having a plumbing problem and need quick assistance, call us right away. Plumbing problems are inconvenient, and if raw sewage is involved, they may be hazardous to your health. Plumbing Knights responds quickly to service calls. Even same-day and weekend appointments are possible. If you have a plumbing problem, we offer emergency plumbing services. Plumbing Knights is quick to respond and help you when a problem develops.

Plumbing Knights offers a number of services to assist you solve your sewage line problem, including unclogging, relining, repairing services, and even sewer camera inspections to ensure that your sewer line problems are resolved fast and professionally. 

What's the source of your sewage line problems?

Extreme weather like high winds, heavy rain, and hurricanes can cause the earth to shift and lead to your pipes rupturing, being pierced, and otherwise damaged to the point where they begin to leak either into your basement, your yard, or even your neighbor’s yard.

One of the most prevalent causes of sewage line leaks or bursts is tree roots that have infiltrated the pipes. Tree roots may tear the pipe apart enough for sewage to seep out, allowing material to pile up inside the pipe, producing a blockage and eventually a burst pipe. In any event, this is a plumbing issue that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Your sewer line may be too old and worn out to be repaired, and you will need to replace it instead. As pipes age, fractures and pressure build, causing them to weaken and break.

Homeowner damage is more frequent than most people realize. When homeowners are renovating their houses or undertaking landscaping projects, they frequently break their sewage lines unintentionally, necessitating quick plumbing assistance. 

Reliable Repairs for Your Property’s Sewer Lines

Plumbing Knights can evaluate your sewage line issue and determine if it can be fixed or if it has to be replaced. When feasible, our staff strives to prevent sewage line replacement. Pipe relining is a popular sort of sewage line repair that we conduct. We line your existing sewer pipes with a “sleeve” to avoid pipe fractures during this operation. We clean the pipe, apply the lining, and then all you have to do is wait a few hours for it to solidify! 

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